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How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card on Android
5 months ago

Many people might save their pictures on SD card on Android with less free space and accidentally delete the photos from SD memory card. Just like there is Android photo recovery for internal memory, there is also applications to undelete photos on Android external memory.


FonePaw Data Recovery is one of the desktop apps that can recover photos and other data from SD memory card, USB memory sticks, external hard drive. Here is how it works to recover deleted photos on an android phone.

STEP 1. Stop writing data into the SD card.

STEP 2. Install Data Recovery and run it. Connect the card reader with SD card to the computer.

STEP 3. The program will detect the SD card memory and scan deleted photos on the card.


Scan Deleted Photos from SD Card

Tips on How to Restore Photos on Android Without Computer?
If you have a backup, you can recover photos on Android without computer and without root. For example, if you have synced photos to a Google account (which is usually a Gmail account), you can recover deleted photos from Google Photos easily.

Note: Deleted Google photos will be removed permanently from Google cloud after 60 days.

STEP 1. Run "Google Photos"/"Photos" app on your Android. Tap on the "≡" icon at the left top of the interface.

STEP 2. Select "Trash" option in the panel.

STEP 3. Preview your deleted images and select desired ones to "Restore" on Android.


Restore Photo Gmail

This should show you the importance of backup. Backup is the best way to tackle data loss. To do this, just connect your Android phone to PC and copy those important photos to the computer. If you want to save space on computer, use Android Data Backup & Restore to back up Android data to PC in small size.


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